#46- Check!

So another pre-grad check off  The IU Bucket List!

#46 Sing the Fight Song at a bar 

This one was not hard to accomplish at all as I have witnessed it most every time I got to a bar, but this time I finally got it on film! So here it is (please ignore my own annoying yet passionate singing):


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#6- Check!

So to take a step back, the week of graduation I continued to knock off more tasks from The IU Bucket List including,

#6 Picnic along the Jordan River 

Okay so this might be one of the only tasks from the Bucket List that I didn’t technically do, but only because I did something better!

So instead of having a tame picnic where I would only get to enjoy the river as a bystander, I decided instead to really connect with the Jordan River via total immersion. So instead:

#6 Raft the Jordan River 

"Jumping" into the Showalter Fountain

This rafting came about on a very chilly night after having worked my last event at the Auditorium. It is tradition at the Aud that after the last season show, the entire front of house staff jumps into the Showalter Fountain. Unfortunately, Showalter Fountain was under renovations so there was no water to actually jump into.

My hiring class after the water balloon fight

So instead, the entire FOH staff partook in a massive water balloon fight. But for me and my dear friends Sammy and Logan, that wasn’t good enough. We wanted to take on the Mighty Jordan.

Okay, so technically the Mighty Jordan River is a medium size stream that runs through campus. But when it rains, it can get crazy! On this night though, the Mighty Jordan was… well… not so mighty. But we didn’t care.

Logan "rafting"

We took our inner tube, jumped in the river, froze our butts off, and rafted. And when I say rafted, I mean that we pushed ourselves along the bottom of the creek bed while laying on a plastic inner tube. I think at one point each of us did float for a few second without having to use our own force. The sight of us was just ridiculous.

After a successful ride down the Mighty Jordan.

Soon the rest of the staff joined us for rafting and as far as I know, no one got pneumonia! Mission accomplished.

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I’m a graduate. Now what?

Well, I graduated. The whole weekend was lovely. It was so nice to have so many friends and family around and everything seem to go quite smoothly.

But unlike birthdays were I never actually feel any older, I do feel like there has been a significant change in me between May 7th and May 8th.

Before May 7th I was hanging on to every last sentimental college moment. But now, I’m not crying. I’m not trying to hang on to what isn’t there anymore. It is over and I’m ready to go.

I’ve realized that this is a huge step. This whole blog has been about growing up and getting ready to make that big transition. Finally I feel that I can say I’m ready.

I’ve turned the tassel, said enough goodbyes (which I am terrible at), and have finally caught up on sleep.  Now let’s do this.

What that next step is? TBD. But whatever it is, I’m determined to find it. And as fast as possible. I’m ready to move out, move on and succeed furiously at whatever is out there waiting for me.

I’ve got a busy summer at my current job and traveling for various friend and family occasions which helps ease the impatience that is stirring within me.  But Lord knows, the impatience might very possibly take over. When that day comes, it will only push me harder.

Lauren Schaefer is a graduate of Indiana University looking furiously for a job. If you know of a job, let Lauren know. Seriously. Okay? Good. 

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What the hell!?

I graduate tomorrow. TO-MORROW. While I’ve been prepping all year (I mean, I’ve even written the darn blog all about it,) this seriously just snuck up on me. I can’t believe it.

No time to chat. Must be completely submerged in the festivities.

To be continued post grad…

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#37- Check!

So as seen from the prior posts, I have been updating The IU Bucket List left and right this week, trying to accomplish as many tasks as possible before graduation! Next on the list-

#37 Kiss someone special in the Rose Well Garden House at midnight 

The story of the Rose Well House is that when Indiana University first became a co-ed university  there were two dormitories, the men’s and the women’s. Exactly between the two dormitories was the Rose Well House (or just “the gazebo on campus” as many people think of it). Supposedly, you were not considered a true college co-ed until you kissed someone at midnight in the Rose Well House. Crux of it is, at the time, curfue was at midnight. So if you did accomplish the task, you had to bang on the door of your dormitory to get in and then everyone will have known what you did.

I think it is such an adorable story. Kind of wish things still were so cute like that!

Further, if you kiss your loved one in the Rose Well House on Valentine’s Day, supposedly you will be with them forever. To this day there is always a line to get into the gazebo on Valentine’s Day. Sigh… so romantic.

Approaching the Rose Well House in the dark..

I decided to accomplish my task when I knew I was with the right company. Immediately after Ken Nunn bought me a drink, I checked my watch at it was 11:56. Luckily, the Rose Well House was nearby, so I decided to go ahead and accomplish #57.

Since I didn’t have a special someone of the opposite sex handy. I grabbed my favorite special someone, one of my best friends Kerry and had her run with me. As we approached the

Kerry yelling cause I'm a kissing failure!

Rose Well House we noticed that there was a couple inside already accomplishing their #57! But when it was midnight exactly- we ran inside! Luckily, the other “couple” accomplishing their #57 was willing to take a picture for us… but only for a second because they then had to get back to their #57.

It was a hilarious moment. Resulting in many bellyaches from laughter and running too fast (mostly running to fast) but well worth it.

Success! (While holding in so much laughter!)

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Little 500: #1-Check and other awesomeness

So since these last few weeks of school have been a bit hectic, (20 page research papers, exams, work, applying for jobs, etc.) I would like to take it back a step and talk about one of the greatest college weekends ever.


For those of you that don’t know what Little 500 is, SHAME. Watch Breaking Away or read this. It is not only one of the greatest college weekends ever but it has elongated into one of the greatest college weeks ever.

Since this year was the last year I was able to celebrate Little 500 in full, I decided to go all out. I spent the majority of the week with my friends, taking advantage of the awesome events happening all around campus. I danced, I sang, I lost my voice, I cheered, I got a suntan. It was amazing.

The week culminated with the two main events: The Little 500 Men’s and Women’s races. This year, for the first time I went to both! Therefore:

#1- Attend the Little 500 men’s and women’s races 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I had been to the men’s race twice prior to this year but never to the women’s. Let me just say- women rock. The ladies riding are such bad-asses. It was an awesome race! While the ladies race lucked out with the weather, the men’s was not so lucky, with 40 degree drizzle for the entire race. We STAYED though! I ended up with a bad cold on Sunday but it was well worth it.

Overall- craziest, weirdest, wildest, most exhausting and most exciting college week ever!

And it ended with Carol Burnett, my comedic hero, at the IU Auditorium. Such an amazing event! AND fate stepped in and we found her!! This determination and courage to approach anyone is really paying off!


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#50- Check!

If you didn’t see, I’m knocking tasks off this week from The IU Bucket List. The next up, and probably the most exciting of them all…

#50 Get Ken Nunn to buy you a drink 

For those of you not familiar with the Bloomington social scene, Ken Nunn is a hometown hero. As an injury defense lawyer, Ken has the best commercials in the land and is often spotted on the back of phone books or cruising around town in his red convertible with the license plate “Nunn 1.”

One of the other reasons that Ken is so well-known around town is he is famous for randomly stopping by local bars and buying a round drink for all of the college students. I’ve never really understood how this promotes his business, but I’ll go ahead and trust the Ken knows what he is doing. 🙂 

Sadly, I had never been graced by Ken Nunn’s presence. I was beginning to believe that this man was a myth until last night when our paths finally crossed…

I spotted him after hearing one of my friends chant his name while he was heading towards the exit door. Knowing that this was one of my most challenging Bucket List tasks, and knowing that this was a rare moment I might never get again, I made the leap towards Nunn.

I explained to him my Bucket List and he explained to me how he already paid for 2 rounds of drinks and closed the tab at the other bar.

I then told him how important it was to me and how finding him has been one of my more challenging tasks. He was flattered to say the least and he proceeded to buy drinks for my friend MK and myself after I begged another friend to hunt down the closest server.

I got to pick what to order and I chose “wounded turtles.” Get it? Injury defense lawyer… wounded turtles….? Gosh, I’m so witty some times I can’t stand it.

So thanks Ken. SUCCESS.

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Goodbye Moon, Goodbye Room

So it is 1:30 in the morning and I still have a final to study for but this one is important- I said goodbye to my favorite room in the world today.  Tonight, Full Frontal Comedy had our last practice of the semester in the Bryan Room and senior’s last practice ever.

This room is the keeper of hundreds of hours of rehearsal and thousands of memories. It is weird to think of life without performing and without our rehearsals every Monday and Wednesday. The Bryan Room has been my refuge for the last four years.

Leaving was emotional to say the least and definitely my realization that things are now actually coming to an end. It will be a rough week or so- this might have been one of the hardest partings but definitely not the last.

Final show this Friday. Unbelievable.

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#68- Check!

I have not updated the The IU Bucket List since February. Geez. I’ve been a little busy okay?!? But with two weeks left of school, (OH MY GOODNESS JUST TWO WEEKS LEFT!!) I am knocking a ton of these tasks off my list. Stay tuned for more as the week goes on. But first,

#68 Attend a non-profit making IU Athletic event (anything but Men’s Basketball or Football) 

This past Saturday I finally got the chance to attend a IU Baseball game and it was awesome! Not only did I attend with some of my favorite people, it was completely free and so casual! People brought in their own food, dogs, babies, etc. Because it was free, you could come and go as you please (which was good since it started storming).

The storms did not deter us for long though. We enjoyed ourselves so much we went back yesterday for another game!

Although IU lost both games, it was so much fun I’m sure I will be back for more this summer!

And as Aleks and I found out- the hotdogs are good too!

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What Indiana has taught me

I’ve just finished my taxes. It took forever. With a mom in California, a dad in Tennessee and having lived and learned in Indiana for the last 3.5 years, where the heck do I claim residence!?

While it took me a while to figure it out on my 1040, I believe that I reside in Indiana. Why? Because I’m totally a Hoosier now. I know all the tricks of the trade.

Here are a few things I’ve learned in the past 3.5 years from living in IN and being a Hoosier:

  1. I now know where corn comes from.
  2. Corn is the best vegetable that there has ever been.
  3. Hills are odd and not responded well too.
  4. People that I used to think were from New England are actually from the Midwest. I now know who New Englanders are.
  5. Hoosiers do sarcasm well. (Total blanket statement- but one I believe in)
  6. Layering is stylish and necessary.
  7. It is possible to function when there is snow on the ground. (An arguable statement to those in TN like my dad)
  8. Indiana loves to go around in circles. (Indy 500, Little 500, Grand Prix, more cul-de-sacs than I have ever seen in my life, Monument Circle, Circle Center Mall…)
  9. Basketball is God’s gift to man.
  10. The Colts are God’s gift to man.
  11. Never go to Gary. Don’t claim you’re from Gary. We pretend Gary is part of IL.
  12. Where Indiana lacks in large cities, they make up for in awesome universities. (IU, PU, ND, ISU…)
  13. Bob Knight can do no wrong.
  14. We continue to take pride in things that are way past their expiration date (Please refer to #13 or Mellancamp’s Small Town video, Breaking Away, this Full Frontal Video, etc…)

So even though Indiana is holding on to traditions we probably should have let go of by now, and even though we might have some silly quirks (ex: Santa Claus, Indiana??), the state is full of pride. SO much pride. I applaud my fellow Hoosiers for loving the state so darn much. 

I leave you with my fellow Hoosiers…

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