Goodnight Bloomington. Goodnight Blog.

So my house is practically empty. I’m getting ready for the big move tomorrow. I’ve sold all my belongings  (including my car- one of the saddest moments of my life), packed the rest up, and am ready to go…sort of. I can’t believe how fast the last four years and especially this last year has flown by. Looking back on all of these blog posts is crazy. I’m so proud of all that I did and documented!

And with this next chapter- I’ve planned all I can. At this point, I need to let go and just see what happens. This next chapter will be an exciting one.

For that reason, I’m ending this blog. It has served its purpose- allowing me to write all the happenings of this crazy changing year. I’m proud of the purpose it served and now it is time to close the book.

So this 80th post, will be my last. I am off to a new life and a new blog.

The biggest element of this blog, The IU Bucket List is complete. I’m pretty proud of that too. (Search IU Bucket list and search results 1,2,3, and at least 5 more in the top 20 will be my blog). While I didn’t complete #35, #64, or #65 because of building renovations and lack of time, I found plenty of things to do that are not on the Bucket List that compensated.

So with a list of 66 tasks complete, a diploma in my bag, and an anxious feeling in my stomach, I’m ready for the next chapter. I can’t say I’m not sad. I’m going to miss Bloomington, my life here, college, my friends, and the comfort I have found in this small town. But I’m going onto this new chapter with confidence knowing that if I can handle all that has been thrown at me the last four years, I can handle anything.

It’s been real college. I’ve loved every moment.

Now lets rock this:

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