#6- Check!

So the most daunting task on The IU Bucket List was checked off yesterday,

#59 Stay at Kilroy’s- Open to Close 

Open to Close means staying at Kilroy’s, one of IUs most popular bars from open (11AM) to close (3AM). Can you do the math? I can’t. But someone told me that is 16 hours.

If you accomplish the challenging task, you get your photo on the wall, a t-shirt, and a ton of pride.

We counted off:

  1. Me
  2. Kerry Ipema
  3. Kevin Smith
  4. Anna Blankenburger
  5. Matt Martin
  6. Chris Lee
  7. Leo Martinez

Perfect combo. We ROCKED open to close. We played Scattegories, Boom, Catch Phrase, Eukere (not a fan) and Spades. We sun bathed (Anna in a bathing suit). We read, chatted, ate, drank, tallied our drinks, tweeted (#open2close) and danced. Most importantly, we video blogged. Every hour, one member of the team shared their secrets. (to be continued considering I packed my camera cord!)

With the help of our wonderful friends who came to visit- we powered through and achieved Kilroy’s glory. SUCCESS.

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1 Response to #6- Check!

  1. Ginger in the City says:

    Congrats! That’s pretty impressive and explains your tweets from yesterday.

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