Bucket List Update

So less than one week to go in Bloomington and I realized that there were some items on my IU Bucket List I had yet to write about. I think I avoided these items because they are not enjoyable stories to tell. So in brief, here they are:

#18. Attend an African American Art Institute Event 

Okay so this one I technically didn’t do. They are not the best at advertising exhibits. But I did go to an African drumming class final performance! That was definitely art. Just sans American. It was through the folklore department and was AWESOME. I think the goal of this list item was to experience other arts and culture and considering folklore wasn’t on my list, I’ll say I did this one.

# 32 Win a game of corn hole (this will never happen…) 

This actually did happen! But it was while I was at home and my opponent was a nine-year-old who had never played. Win!

#45 Shake your groove thing at Dance Marathon 

 Full Frontal performed our worst show of all time at this year’s Dance Marathon. The only good thing that came out of the performance was the ability to check this off the bucket list. There is a picture somewhere proving that I was at Dance Marathon and I did dance for a brief moment.

 #54 Do an Ironman 

This one I have actually avoided writing about for over 6 months. It was the worst. Stupid idea. Not appropriate for blogging. 22nd birthday. It happened okay?

Oh and for anyone that didn’t know- an Ironman is the 3 strongest drinks in Bloomington in one night. Let’s just say, pacing is key and this task is deathly when combined with dancing.

So there they are! The biggest of the Bucket List items is to come on Monday! Stay tuned!

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