The cops have my number and I have my diploma

I finally received notice that my diploma was ready to be picked up. Yep. Like a prescription or dry cleaning or a child from daycare. Where is the pomp and circumstance? I was quite saddened about how anti-climatic my closing moment with IU would be.

Until a kid got pushed out of a car in a drug bust gone bad and got his leg run over.


Middle of Bloomington. Middle of Kirkwood. Middle of lunch hour. I was walking towards Franklin Hall when I heard yelling and turned around in time to see a kid get dragged by a car, fall to the ground, get his leg run over and then the truck skid away.

In shock, I forgot how to move my legs. But once I realized this was serious and not some weird Jackass prank called something like “Rock legs” or “cement skiing” I immediately ran over to the kid, as did 3 other guys.

The kid was freaked out and busted up. I called the cops, gave them the description and location and it was actually amazing how fast they got there. After that, I just did what I could- got water, gave my details, cringed when the kid screamed, made really terrible jokes to the other witnesses like, ” good day to wear long pants!” or “well, at least you got out of the group project! eh?! (punch in the arm).” I should have stopped after the sympathy pains.

Once it all got sorted out, the female cop decided to walk me through the different emotional levels of trauma, just to make sure I wouldn’t try to get my own leg run over or something. I think right now I’m angst. Or tenacity.

And then, I got my diploma. And then, I told the lady in the registrars office what happened.

And thus concluded my college experience.

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1 Response to The cops have my number and I have my diploma

  1. Matt LaBorde says:

    Much more exciting than a graduation ceremony!!!! (hope the kid’s fine though)

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