Grown-Up Adventures Part II

So as seen from the last post, life has been a bit of an adventure recently. And the adventure has just continued! This last month may or may not have been the busiest, craziest, most stressful and exhausting month of my life, which is hard to believe seeing that I just went through 4 years of undergrad, but it is true!

It has been so busy that I have yet to upload any pictures or really even catch up on sleep. So my apologies on lack of images. Seeing that I haven’t written though, I thought I would post this past month’s schedule. It is hilarious.

From last week of May- last week of June I have been:

Bloomington to Knoxville to Nashville to Indianapolis to Las Vegas to Bloomington to San Antonio to Bloomington to  New York City to New Jersey to Indianapolis then finally to San Francisco! (Of course with the occasional flight layover in between.)

This last leg of the trip has been especially crazy! I arrived back in Bloomington at 5AM on Saturday from San Antonio and then drove back to the airport at 4AM on Sunday to go to New York! Less than 24 hours! In New York I had 3 interviews, lots of walking, a visit with dad and even had my first hostel experience (a very positive one as well!)

When flying back from New York, I arrived back in Indianapolis at 2:00AM, went to my car in the parking lot, switched out my pre-packed suitcase for San Francisco, got back on the shuttle to the airport, spent an hour sleep/hulu-ing, and got back on the same plane to head to San Francisco at 4:30AM! Thank goodness I am a good plane sleeper, cause I wasn’t sleeping much anywhere else!

This whole experience though has been absolutely eye-opening and wonderful! I feel like I have grown through the whole process and can’t wait to see what life leads me to next!

And if nothing else, I sure know how to pack a suitcase now!

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