Grown-up Adventures

So I haven’t written in far too long a period of time. My absence though is due to the presence of grown-up adventures in my life!

For the last two weeks I’ve been living out of a suitcase (or 2 or 3 or 4) making visits at home, at weddings, and going on my first business trip!

My dear FHS friends

First, I went home. Always good. Always.  This trip especially was great because my time spent at home was a bit longer than usual. Which was good considering I don’t know the next time I will be back.  There are no more spring breaks, holiday breaks, or summer breaks so who knows now how I will be able to organize my schedule to make it home. Weird weird weird.

Second, the weddings.

Mr. and Mrs. Hyman

Mr. and Mrs. Dryden

Talk about crazy weird. The fact that my friends are at the appropriate age to get married without words like “shotgun” or “baby daddy” attached is astounding. But oh my were they beautiful. And lovely. And wonderful. And emotional. There was so much love at both weddings and I was so proud of my friends. It was a surreal moment to be at a weddings surrounded by high school friends that I have known so long  but it was also one of the most wonderful feelings ever. And my friends make gorgeous brides.

The Bellagio

Finally, the business trip. This last week I had the privilege to work as on-site staff for my current internship at one of the summer events. Lucky for me, this event happened to be in Las Vegas. Not to bad of a first business trip right? It was such a great experience for me! Having prepped all of these events in the office for the last year, it felt so good to actually see on of these events come to life. And I learned things too that I can take back to the office to better future events- which is always nice. And I gambled. And ate. And drank. And relaxed by the pool. And just loved Vegas. It was an amazing experience all around.

So after this whirlwind two weeks, I was actually sad to come back to Bloomington for the first time ever. The last two weeks have shown me a little bit of grown-up life and heading back to Bloomington felt that I was stepping back into the facade of college. While I’ve been hesitant to move on, not sure if I was ready to be an adult, after the past two weeks and my taste of adulthood, I am very sure I am ready.

If only every day of adulthood could be in Vegas though…

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