#56- Check!

This week I accomplished my most anticipated tasks off The IU Bucket List,

#56 Go to the Quarries 

For me, this task was the most anticipated because it is the only task that is technically illegal. I guess we were trespassing… or something like that…

I also had no idea where the Quarries were.

But with an informed friend, a good hunch, and a great group of friends, I embarked and together we found them! What was weird was- it was the most natural looking, man-made thing ever.

It was an amazing little find and like our own little secret. I mean, I know that thousands of people have been there before us, but no one was there that day- sooooo it was ours.

The afternoon was an amazing little break with some great people. In the end, we all felt very tan and accomplished.

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3 Responses to #56- Check!

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  2. Steffi says:

    Where are these?? Please email me because they’re on my bucket list too and I reaaalllly want to go!!!! Thanks 🙂

    • leschaef says:

      Hi Steffi,

      These are heading south past Bloomington South and all the way to the highway that goes out of town (sorry I can’t think of the actual highway, it has been too long!) Take a left at the road right before the big white church right before the road merges onto the highway. You have to park your car (but not at the church!) and walk back through a private drive and all the way back.

      These are terrible directions but all I can do! Best advise- go with someone who has gone before!

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