LISTen to this.

  1. I’m a huge fan of Ragan’s PR Daily.
  2. I read it every day.
  3. Recently I’ve noticed that every article featured on this insightful page has the same format.
  4. Either numbered
  • or bulleted
In general,  these authors are making lists. 
I can’t stand them anymore. To me, it seems that this has become the norm for PR specialists because our society has adapted to having everything at our fingertips, we can’t stand to read more than a few snappy sentences to get what we are looking for.
Also, I believe PR professionals have become lazy. We are writers for goodness sake. There must be a way to format snappy information beyond bullets and numbering. I mean, what happened to the inverted pyramid?
I’m not saying this is just happening with Ragan or just with PR. This seems to be the trend with blogs of all types. But with PR, we should be smarter that this.
I’m sick of “How-To ____”, “Top 10 ___”, and “5 things that will ____.”                            
Instead, I would love to see some straight up advice. Maybe some case studies? So come on PR professionals, let’s get creative and write, not list.  
Has anyone else seen this trend? 
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1 Response to LISTen to this.

  1. I hate this trend too, but there is a reason behind it. People love these little digistable chunks of information in lists and bullets. Jay Baer recetnly wrote about this and commented that something like 8 out of his 10 most popular posts had a number in the title. Yipes. Me too! So love it or hate it, they seem to work. Everybody is focusing on “tweetable headlines” which is driving this trend. But it really does emphasize the homogenous smaeness of the social web. Great observation!

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