#37- Check!

So as seen from the prior posts, I have been updating The IU Bucket List left and right this week, trying to accomplish as many tasks as possible before graduation! Next on the list-

#37 Kiss someone special in the Rose Well Garden House at midnight 

The story of the Rose Well House is that when Indiana University first became a co-ed university  there were two dormitories, the men’s and the women’s. Exactly between the two dormitories was the Rose Well House (or just “the gazebo on campus” as many people think of it). Supposedly, you were not considered a true college co-ed until you kissed someone at midnight in the Rose Well House. Crux of it is, at the time, curfue was at midnight. So if you did accomplish the task, you had to bang on the door of your dormitory to get in and then everyone will have known what you did.

I think it is such an adorable story. Kind of wish things still were so cute like that!

Further, if you kiss your loved one in the Rose Well House on Valentine’s Day, supposedly you will be with them forever. To this day there is always a line to get into the gazebo on Valentine’s Day. Sigh… so romantic.

Approaching the Rose Well House in the dark..

I decided to accomplish my task when I knew I was with the right company. Immediately after Ken Nunn bought me a drink, I checked my watch at it was 11:56. Luckily, the Rose Well House was nearby, so I decided to go ahead and accomplish #57.

Since I didn’t have a special someone of the opposite sex handy. I grabbed my favorite special someone, one of my best friends Kerry and had her run with me. As we approached the

Kerry yelling cause I'm a kissing failure!

Rose Well House we noticed that there was a couple inside already accomplishing their #57! But when it was midnight exactly- we ran inside! Luckily, the other “couple” accomplishing their #57 was willing to take a picture for us… but only for a second because they then had to get back to their #57.

It was a hilarious moment. Resulting in many bellyaches from laughter and running too fast (mostly running to fast) but well worth it.

Success! (While holding in so much laughter!)

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