Little 500: #1-Check and other awesomeness

So since these last few weeks of school have been a bit hectic, (20 page research papers, exams, work, applying for jobs, etc.) I would like to take it back a step and talk about one of the greatest college weekends ever.


For those of you that don’t know what Little 500 is, SHAME. Watch Breaking Away or read this. It is not only one of the greatest college weekends ever but it has elongated into one of the greatest college weeks ever.

Since this year was the last year I was able to celebrate Little 500 in full, I decided to go all out. I spent the majority of the week with my friends, taking advantage of the awesome events happening all around campus. I danced, I sang, I lost my voice, I cheered, I got a suntan. It was amazing.

The week culminated with the two main events: The Little 500 Men’s and Women’s races. This year, for the first time I went to both! Therefore:

#1- Attend the Little 500 men’s and women’s races 

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I had been to the men’s race twice prior to this year but never to the women’s. Let me just say- women rock. The ladies riding are such bad-asses. It was an awesome race! While the ladies race lucked out with the weather, the men’s was not so lucky, with 40 degree drizzle for the entire race. We STAYED though! I ended up with a bad cold on Sunday but it was well worth it.

Overall- craziest, weirdest, wildest, most exhausting and most exciting college week ever!

And it ended with Carol Burnett, my comedic hero, at the IU Auditorium. Such an amazing event! AND fate stepped in and we found her!! This determination and courage to approach anyone is really paying off!


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