#50- Check!

If you didn’t see, I’m knocking tasks off this week from The IU Bucket List. The next up, and probably the most exciting of them all…

#50 Get Ken Nunn to buy you a drink 

For those of you not familiar with the Bloomington social scene, Ken Nunn is a hometown hero. As an injury defense lawyer, Ken has the best commercials in the land and is often spotted on the back of phone books or cruising around town in his red convertible with the license plate “Nunn 1.”

One of the other reasons that Ken is so well-known around town is he is famous for randomly stopping by local bars and buying a round drink for all of the college students. I’ve never really understood how this promotes his business, but I’ll go ahead and trust the Ken knows what he is doing. 🙂 

Sadly, I had never been graced by Ken Nunn’s presence. I was beginning to believe that this man was a myth until last night when our paths finally crossed…

I spotted him after hearing one of my friends chant his name while he was heading towards the exit door. Knowing that this was one of my most challenging Bucket List tasks, and knowing that this was a rare moment I might never get again, I made the leap towards Nunn.

I explained to him my Bucket List and he explained to me how he already paid for 2 rounds of drinks and closed the tab at the other bar.

I then told him how important it was to me and how finding him has been one of my more challenging tasks. He was flattered to say the least and he proceeded to buy drinks for my friend MK and myself after I begged another friend to hunt down the closest server.

I got to pick what to order and I chose “wounded turtles.” Get it? Injury defense lawyer… wounded turtles….? Gosh, I’m so witty some times I can’t stand it.

So thanks Ken. SUCCESS.

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