#68- Check!

I have not updated the The IU Bucket List since February. Geez. I’ve been a little busy okay?!? But with two weeks left of school, (OH MY GOODNESS JUST TWO WEEKS LEFT!!) I am knocking a ton of these tasks off my list. Stay tuned for more as the week goes on. But first,

#68 Attend a non-profit making IU Athletic event (anything but Men’s Basketball or Football) 

This past Saturday I finally got the chance to attend a IU Baseball game and it was awesome! Not only did I attend with some of my favorite people, it was completely free and so casual! People brought in their own food, dogs, babies, etc. Because it was free, you could come and go as you please (which was good since it started storming).

The storms did not deter us for long though. We enjoyed ourselves so much we went back yesterday for another game!

Although IU lost both games, it was so much fun I’m sure I will be back for more this summer!

And as Aleks and I found out- the hotdogs are good too!

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