The biggest love of my life

So I think I have alluded to my improv team previously on my blog but I’ve never actually wrote about my improv team.

Well, I’m on an improv team. Full Frontal Comedy, IU’s longest running comedy troupe to be exact.

Frankly, it is the best thing about college and the one thing I will miss the most hands down. It is my most loved activity and my most loved group of people.

I feel like now is the appropriate time to write about my group because this past Friday we had a break through

performance. We did an all sketch show.

Normally, our shows consist of primarily all improv comedy, short form and long form and we open up the show with one sketch. But this show, we took all of our favorite sketches and put them all together. It was amazing.

Not only was the audience amazing, one of our biggest to date, but as a group- we were amazing. I’m not tooting our horn, and it isn’t about the funny for me, but as a group working together, we were amazing. Our “Group Mind” as us improvisers call it, was on fire. We worked together well, we hashed out all the sketches well, and people said the show even flowed smoothly! It was unreal. I was so unbelievably proud of us.

Seriously, the majority of my favorite moments from college have involved my improv troupe. It is the only part of my college career that has remained consistent since my 2nd week of school freshman year and I look forward to practices and shows every week.

My whole troupe, plus alumni, is an amazing little gift. I have been so lucky to be able to perform with some of my best friends. For me, I like being funny and I like entertaining but most of all, I like being part of my little family more.

FFC fo’ life.
For your viewing pleasure:

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