#33- Check!

So it’s been awhile since the I’ve updated  The IU Bucket List, but this week, one was totally checked off the list.

#33 Paint your face for an IU basketball game 

Okay, so I didn’t technically paint my face. But the idea behind the face painting, the spirit behind it, was definitely there. This Thursday, I was lucky enough to go to the IU vs. University of Illinois basketball game.

It was a “Red Out” where we all wore red. We were all prepared for an upset by Illinois, but instead it was the most exciting basketball game of my life!

The game was back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. I’ve never screamed more in my life. I knew the players. I yelled their names. I told them what to do. They never listened to me. Stubborn.

30 seconds left in the game and we tipped in a final basket where Illinois could not comeback. It was unreal. SO. MUCH. LOVE.

I had love for my school. Love for my friends who brought me. Love for Tom Crean. Big time. I am so unbelievably excited for the basketball program and can’t wait to see where the basketball program goes in the upcoming years.

Yes. Our excitement might have been a little over the top for just one win, (the floor kids rushed the court). But, Illinois is our rival AND we haven’t beat them in 3 years AND they were ranked and we were not AND we are in the rebuilding stages of our program. This was a sign! We are coming back.

It was one of the most exciting IU moments ever! (Not to mention I had a bonding moment with Tom Crean in the lobby after the game!) GO HOOSIERS!

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