I’m blogging from 38,976 ft.

So Delta decided that until the New Year, wifi would be free for all passengers. So I am literally writing a blog while flying. Right now I believe I am between Arkansas and Tennessee flying to Atlanta.

I just got a Sprite, just finished watching an episode of the Glee Season 1 that the plane was showing, and now the flight attendant just gave me a snack box for free. Life is good. Go Delta.

When my flight attendant gave me my free snack box she said, “Happy New Year.” Oh right- that is happening.

When I think of the soon approaching new year, I don’t think I want to set a resolution. I just want to do it right. Like, rock the next year so hard I don’t need a resolution- cause 2011 will be that good. But maybe rocking the year hard is a resolution?

In all seriousness though, 2011 will be a huge life changing year for me. So I guess my resolution for 2011 might be to make it to 2012 healthy, happy, and alive.

When I think of everything that is to happen in the upcoming year (and all that is to come that is unknown) I get giddy, excited, nervous, anxious, and want to throw up a little bit.

So here is to 2011!

And if you are wondering, the snack pack is quite good and we are now beginning our initial descent.

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