Happy Thanksgiving!

So sadly this month has been crazy busy with exams, projects and a lack of sleep. But when the holidays come it’s time for family, relaxing, and a little time for blogging.

Yesterday I got to spend my Thanksgiving in San Francisco with my family– loved it. Best thing ever. First time since March!

I got to be in charge of appetizers! Which was so exciting since lately I’ve been living off mac and cheese and frozen green beans.

So here they are:

Crostini Platter: Fig Chutney and Blue Cheese, Dill Cream Cheese and Salmon, and Roasted Tomato and Ricotta

Pistachio Cranberry Goat Cheese Roll

And my brie stuffed mushrooms

It was highly succesful

But of course, Thanksgiving is not just about appetizers…

It’s  about the turkey and all the other stuff, which my family did a great job with!

And of course the family time, which is always the best part.

Overall it was an amazing day. I am so thankful for so many things and being able to be with my family was the best way to celebrate all that I am lucky to have.

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1 Response to Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. What the heck? You told me the only thing you could prepare was cranberries out of a can. Hmmmm…. you have been holding out on me!!

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