I’m 22… sheesh

So I’m another year older… Happy Birthday me.

I have now reached the point of “just another” birthdays. From here on each birthday is just another birthday and I just get older.

I’m 22 years old. Do you know what that means? I’M 22 YEARS OLD! That’s crazy. 22 is officially a legit age. When you are 21- well, you are under 21. When you are 21. You are 21 and everyone thinks your a little baby alcohol fiend. And at 22- you’re just like everyone else. At 22 you can have a real job, a real life, and be a real person. That’ so scary to think about.

But this birthday was great. Because my friends rock. They rock so hard and made this birthday so darn special

Like the banner in my house (however jank it may be)

Or the flowers from Meg

Or the decorations at work


Or the cheesecake from Sam, which was then finagled into dinner without me knowing!

And dinner with my girls.

It was so lovely. Even if it was “just another” birthday.

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