#67- Check!

This upcoming weekend concludes the IU Football Season, cause let’s be real- we aren’t going to any bowl game anytime soon. But along with the close of the football season, I am able to check another task off  The IU Bucket List!

#67 Tailgate 

And boy have I. Not only have I tailgated once, I tailgated every football game this season (except for the first which I worked, and this last one because I have an improv competition)

Kerry and I at the Homecoming Tailgate!


So this last weekend concluded my last football game weekend as a student- and it was wonderful. Not only did I tailgate, I went to the game and I got some lovely pictures (even though we sucked so bad it was embarrassing)

It was sad to say goodbye to the football season, it has been such a lovely adventure 🙂

Never before have I been at a bar at 8am, had more fun in the middle of a field, or worn more IU gear at one time in my life. I’ve been on the Big 10 Network, The Jumbo-Tron, and in the bed of a truck. I have loved every minute of it and am so sad it is over.

But I always have basketball season!

Here are my pictures to honor IU’s greatest sport: Tailgating

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