Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween blog!

This weekend was my last Halloween weekend in college. While Halloween in college is still nothing compared to the good old days of trick-or-treating and turtlenecks under princess costumes, it’s still pretty awesome.

College costumes are unlike any other. There are two types. Hilarious and creative, or themed underwear. I tend to like the former.

So in honor of my last Halloween in college, I present to you:

Lauren’s Halloween costumes:

Freshman Year: Britney Spears... baby doll and bike tights included.

Sophomore Year: Minnie Mouse (and Celine Dion)

Junior Year: Abigail... the 5-year-old.

And last but not least…. the most stunning, the most glamorous, the best of them all….

Senior Year: Hoda and Kathie Lee! Got to love the 4th hour of Today!

Its been a good run 🙂

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1 Response to Happy Halloween!

  1. Vicki Gillespie says:

    You are the most clever girl I believe I ever saw!! I LOVE your blog — and I really enjoy reading about all your adventures!!! Keep it up! BTW — HAPPY BIRTHDAY on November 3rd!!!

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