Hello there blog!

Why hey there blog! Good to see you again!

I’ve been a little MIA the last few weeks because of this thing called midterms. Their a bitch.

But now I’m back.

Since our last convo, I’ve tackled some of the bucket list, done some cool things, studied my ass off, and finally signed up for classes *sigh*

Today I signed up for my last semester of college classes. My last semester of classes… ever.

I feel like I shouldn’t say “ever” but I’m going to go ahead and say ever. I doubt I will ever go back to school ever again.

So today was my last time using the registration program, the last time the pressure was on to get in the right sections before they fill up, the last time to sign up for classes ever.

It’s weird to think about not being in a classroom setting ever again. After 16 years of educations, what am I supposed to do with myself? Just after spending the summer in Bloomington, I was itching to get back to class because I like the schedule and the learning. Now that I am back in class though and midterms have kicked my butt for the last two weeks, I have a different opinion of course.

But anywho. I did it. I signed up and then I said goodbye. I’ve definitely got a good semester of classes in front of me though!

As you can tell, after midterms, my brain has turned to mush and my ability to create more engaging blog posts has dissipated.

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