#2 – Check!

It was another beautiful weekend in Bloomington and I was needing a little escape so I decided to accomplish #2 on the Bucket List….

#2 Hike around Griffy Lake 

After making some attempts to get another adventurer to join, I decided to go it alone… which was the best decision ever.

I having been a bit consumed lately with stress, schedules, negativity and spending far too much time behind a computer, I needed a chance to step back and re-evaluate what had been consuming me, seeing if it was really worth it. Griffy Lake was the perfect escape.

While it wasn’t much of a lake after 4 weeks of no rain, it was still beautiful. The leaves have begun to change and nothing is more beautiful than fall in Bloomington.

For two hours I walked through the woods by myself just thinking and admiring. It was great. Multiple times I just stopped to take it all in. I stood in silence with the only sound being the leaves falling off the trees and the occasional scurrying squirrel.To be silent and so small in between so many tall and beautiful trees was amazing. Trees are so cool. They have amazing posture.

I decided in the middle of the woods that I want to be a tree. Trees stand straight and tall no matter what comes their way. Sure, they change with the seasons but they always maintain their stature, only to grow taller and stronger. The only things that brings them down are those forces controlled by a higher power.

So I’ve decided. I will be a tree. No matter what comes my way, no matter what petty stress or negativity is around me, I will not compensate my posture and my pride for it. Because I am better than that. And just like a tree- the only thing that will bring me down is that which is made by something bigger than me 🙂

So that’s what I learned at Griffy Lake. And I got some pretty pictures.

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2 Responses to #2 – Check!

  1. jaymemarie says:

    Sometimes solo adventures are the best 🙂 I’m glad you finally got to #2. It was one of my favorites. Now go get yo’ tree on 😉

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