Videos make IU look too cool.

So in the last few weeks two videos about IU have become somewhat viral through the university community:

Now, I love these videos- I do. BUT they both have this theme of loving IU for drinking, girls, local bars, being crazy drunk, crappy grades, and screwing Purdue.

So the mature part of me though is thinking- Wow. I hope these aren’t the videos that influence my future employers perception of IU.

So I think I’ll make a video about going to IU. About how I go to all my classes and study. And how campus is one of the most beautiful in the country, created mainly out of Indiana limestone. Or how Indiana sports aren’t good anymore but we try really hard. I’ll sing about my professors and how intelligent they are and how our campus is really safe. Or about our university’s cultural diversity. Or about our the school’s rich history. That would be a good representation.

But who am I kidding. No one would watch that video! 🙂

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