7 Core Principles

I am in one of the coolest classes that IU offers this semester. It’s called Agency 7.

Agency 7 is an student run integrated marketing communications agency. We have real clients with real needs and we produce work that not only benefits our clients, but it also give us a great experience and a great portfolio.

Agency 7 work can include public relations, advertising, creative, marketing, social media, or whatever else falls into our capabilities that our client is looking for.

These principles rock. So does Agency 7. Not only am I getting an amazing experience but I am obtaining quality skills that are making me a better professional and person.

This sounds really cheesy I know. But I just like these principles and wanted to share with all.

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1 Response to 7 Core Principles

  1. Kathy says:

    Not cheesy at all….I got all excited at my new company when I was presented with the companies values presentation on my first day on the job. It says a lot about the company.

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