There is nothing more to say then-

the job search has begun.

I edited my resume, I put on my pumps, and I went to the IU Job Fair.

And I wanted to cry.

Besides not having any one company there that was a fit for me, or telling me that I needed to have their internship first, the room really gave me a visual of what the job market will look like come May. A big fish bowl.

All of these gussied up new graduates will all be swimming around looking for a nibble on a possible job. It’s a cruel cruel fish bowl.

That is why I have decided to be a beta fish and eat all the other fish. Then I will have all the jobs to myself…If I do a good 6 months of low to no paid work for them first.

I think I will go work on a cruise ship instead. But more on that later…

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1 Response to IT HAS BEGUN

  1. jaymemarie says:

    Amen sister…We’ll speak on this subject come May 😉

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