#4 – Check!

Another weekend, another item checked off  The IU Bucket List!

#4 Dance to international music at the Lotus World and Arts Festival 

This one really stressed me out since it was time sensitive. There was only one chance to dance at Lotus Festival since it only comes along once a year! It also is super expensive to attend.

So how was I to experience the Lotus Festival without paying? Go during sound check of course.

With the accompaniment of one of my best lady friends, Nicole we headed downtown to check out what all the hub-bub is about. While strolling around taking pictures, we were first greeted by Josè (Pronounced HO-se with some additional flemmage… he corrected me!) who was the percussionist for a band from Columbia. After a very choppy conversation and Nicole showing off her spanish speaking skills, we both got pictures with Josè to capture the moment!

Nicole and I with our new friend!

After saying goodbye to Josè, Nicole and I strolled along to see some really crazy chalking and art and then moved on to the second big stage where a band from Uganda was tuning up. They were playing some international music over the PA while setting up, so I proceeded to dance. (This is how “danced to international music at the Lotus World and Arts Festival”). We ended up moving over to the stage and spoke with the band. This was their third time touring the US. I asked them if Indiana was their favorite state and one of the members said, “…..um one of the best” right after Los Angeles and San Francisco. I think he might have been lying, but how nice of him to humor me.

So after saying goodbye to our new friends, Nicole and I headed home. While it wasn’t the whole shebang, I feel like I had a very cultural experience. I mean, I practically went to Columbia and Uganda in just a matter of an hour. Do I wish I had the money to attend? Sure! But Josè and the Ugandans gave me an experience that I could have never paid for!

And of course now I am listening to my international music on my iPod. To celebrate the experience and to congratulate Bloomington on hosting such a cool event, here is a little culture for you:

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