I’m writing a blog about a toilet

So it was another day of learning experiences for Lauren this last Saturday.

My roommates and I were preparing for a party and just what we needed– the toilet breaks. After much squinting and wincing, I realize the chain had become disconnected to the “flapper” because the “flapper clasp” had broken. Well shit.

So being that it was a Saturday, my landlord was unavailable and seeing that I had never used the emergency line, I was doubtful that anyone would return my call.

But with only one toilet, a small bladder, and many people visiting my house in mere hours- I decided to do it myself. I come from a long ancestral line of plumbers (As they always said- no matter what is happening in the world, you always need plumbers!). So I figure I’ve got some plumbing in my blood right?

So like all children with plumber ancestry, I watched this video:

After having drained all the water out and disconnecting the “flapper”, I realized that my toilet was made far too long ago and an exact replaceable flapper might not exist. The idea of going to the hardware store made me incredibly queezy.

So I decided to fix the toilet Lauren-Schaefer-Style: with a hot glue gun.

I grabbed my glue gun and an extension cord that would get the gun to the toilet. I then glued the end of the chain to the remaining “flapper clasp”. I’ve never used so much glue in my life. I then let dry and re-hooked the “flapper” to the toilet.

Luckily, my landlord came over with a brand new “flapper” just before I turned the water supply back on.

He actually said that I had done a good job though and my remedy would have probably sufficed!

I think my plumbing family would be proud 🙂

This is my Great-Great Uncle Leo who met Albert Einstein due to his founding of the Amateur Astronomers Association of Pittsburgh and his creation of the first completely aluminum observatory (But that's another story...) Einstein asked Uncle Leo what his profession was. When he responded with "I'm a plumber," Einstein said, "Good. Can you tell me where the bathroom is?"

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