Vampires are bringing me back

So I can already tell that as this semester rolls along, I am slowly but surely getting sucked into SCHOOL- the beast of a thing that it is.

But last night I got to take a little break (an abbreviated Labor Day if you will considering we don’t get the full day off of school!) and I went to the Vampire Weekend concert with my friends… 3rd row.

So awesome! (Notice the proximity to the stage!)

For those that don’t know Vampire Weekend- they aren’t about teen vampires or gothic-y blood and guts. They are an awesome quirky band that rocked out. And I found out last night they are all also charmingly handsome 🙂

The best part of the evening was when the band announced their next song to be played was going to be a cover. Normally, when bands play covers, as soon as the band starts, everyone recognizes the song and cheers. Not the case last night.

They began to play and it seemed like no one was familiar with the song. But I recognized the chords. I recognized the melody. As soon as Ezra the lead singer got to the chorus, I screamed out of sheer shock and delight. It was Bruce. They were playing a Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Goin Down” and I was the only one who seemed to know it.

It really was an amazing feeling. Not only because I knew the song but because it was Bruce. BRUUUUUUUCE. The man, the legend- who’s music has practically been engrained into my brain since I was a young child thanks to my father. Hearing that song seriously brought me back to my childhood, my family, and to simple happy times.

It sounds super cheesy (per usual for most things on my blog) but hearing that song created a simile for me. While it wasn’t Bruce singing the song last night, Bruce was there. Just like, while I might not ever return to those simple happy times again, especially as my life seems to get more complex, those simple happy memories still remain, and are always hiding.

Oh Vampire Weekend… never thought you’d inspire a simile did you?

Probably the best Monday I’ve had for a while 🙂 Check out the video of the experience! I uploaded it myself 🙂

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