#29- Check!

What better way to start off the school year than another item checked off The IU Bucket List!

#29 Score some free breadsticks

Once a semester Pizza X (Formerly known as Pizza Express (which everyone on campus still calls Pizza Express)) has FREE BREADSTICKS DAY.

The masses waiting for their piece of the glory

For those who don’t know Pizza X breadsticks, it’s nothing to laugh at. These breadsticks are seriously just bread in the form of sticks, with a little salt on them. BUT THEY ARE SO GOOD.

Accompanied by your choice of sauce, these breadsticks are a coveted item for late night munchers and cheap students alike (cheese sauce and ranch are my favorites (they really “make” the breadstick I personally think ( I can’t believe I am writing my feelings about breadstick sauce right now))).

So back to FREE BREADSTICKS DAY. While this event happens once a semester, I have never been able to go and this year I was determined to make it.

So after a full day of classes, many hours fretting over how to schedule in FREE BREADSTICKS DAY, and a dance audition (Yep, I said dance (I don’t want to get started (It will never happen again))), I hurried my butt over to Pizza X along with my good friend Bradley who so kindly humored me and joined.

It's like Where's Waldo! Can you find Brad?

And then we waited.

And then we received breadsticks.

(Not one or two breadsticks but like a gaggle of breadsticks (I have decided that like geese, breadsticks come in a gaggle ( GAGGLE: A group of geese or breadsticks in a group of 5 or more)))

Regardless of the sweat and dance clothes... It was a success!

We rejoiced in our accomplishments by eating said breadsticks and filling our bellies with more carbs than neccessary.

And then I checked another item off my list 🙂

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3 Responses to #29- Check!

  1. Austin says:

    Lord, you are all about the meta-parentheticals.

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