The End of An Internship Era

This evening marks the end of my summer long internship.

After 4 unit rotations, prospect research, board week, fundraising school, two intern presentations, and numerous envelopes stuffed- I. AM. FINISHED.

I am also exhausted.

After having our final presentation today and presenting our supervisors with our portfolios, we got feedback on how we all performed. It was so nice to hear so many kind words about jobs well done.

As an intern, or as a student in general, I feel there are so many instances in which I feel walked on because of my ranking on the totem pole. Today was not the case. I felt that everyone in the room for our final presentations truly recognized us as outstanding interns and potential employees for the future. There were many compliments, some feedback, and positive feelings all around.

It was a great moment as well to leave my internship with a huge portfolio, a wealth of knowledge, and a “pat on the back” from so many supervisors.

These elements were especially useful and definitely helped in the internship interview I had an hour later.

Yep- that’s right. Another internship. (Can I say, “We’re baaaaaccckkkk!”?)

In this internship interview, my potential employer while looking at my new portfolio actually said, “I wish you were here for a job instead of an internship!”

At least I am on my way!

Yay for happy endings and new beginnings 🙂

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