Summer 2010: A Review

With my internship over, welcome week starting tomorrow, and school starting Monday- Summer 2010 is officially over.

(A moment of silence for the loss)

I’ve learned to cook, I’ve learned to fundraise, I’ve learned to be myself, I’ve learned to be brave, I’ve learned where all the cool spots in Bloomington are, AND I started a blog!

It has been tough, challenging, an emotional roller coaster, different, weird, adventurous, and fun. With emphasis on fun.

So in memory of Summer 2010, here are some of the highlight:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s been real Summer ’10. Thanks for the good times.

And while I’ve loved it, it’s going to be a good fall 🙂

Now on to new adventures……

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One Response to Summer 2010: A Review

  1. love the photos. hope elijah doesn;t see this! : )

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