#19- Check!

So it’s been a while since I have written but this post is a good one!

It’s time to check off another item on my IU Bucket List.

#19 Look at the stars from the Kirkwood Observatory

I made it!

Last week, along with my buddies Kerry and David, I went to the Kirkwood Observatory during their free Wednesday showings. While we there, the telescope wasn’t pointed at the stars, but it was pointed at the moon! I think I saw an alien.

I was a really great experience and also really great to see many other families and students and individuals come out for the really great, intellectual activity.

Stretching before viewing the moon

I feel smarter having looked at the moon. Is that weird?

Next time I’ll go back and look at a nebula.

Here are some pics from our adventures-

Terrible I know... but I looked at the moon!

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