It’s a new post! (but not here!)

So today my dad revealed my new blog post on his blog {grow}.

And boy has it had some controversy. I haven’t ever had someone be so appalled by something I have written.

While I rebutted the negative comment on {grow}, I feel that I can really express myself here, well because- it’s my blog damn it.

My post was about researching, and researching on Facebook, and how really there is no privacy. It wasn’t about how low someone like me would stoop to find out information about others.

I guess I am just a little frustrated because someone went ahead and ranted their mouth about my current profession without any prior knowledge. He thinks that people just give to charities out of no where? SERIOUSLY? Cultivation, solicitation, stewardship man. It’s a study and its been researched and that is how and why people donate.

I know this makes no sense to someone who didn’t read the blog and the comments. So go read it and form your own opinions.

I do know that my searching went a little crazy in-depth but it wasn’t because of some creepy organization I work for, but more the fact that I am stubborn and was not going to give up.

So there.

So to puff my chest a little bit, here are some GOOD comments that people left:

I just have one word. Holy shit. Well, that’s two words. You get the point. Well done Lauren

I think Lauren has a number of career options and she will kick-ass wherever she goes.

Great to meet you, Lauren! This is a fantastic post.

Kudos, Lauren!

I want to talk to her when she starts job hunting! What a resourceful intern!

Lauren, bravo. What a great job. Both in the research, the articulation and the rebuttal when challenged. Brains and class. Those attributes will take you far.

Great job, hat tip Lauren, double hat tip to Mark for producing such a beauty. When you need a job, sistah, you’ll have no trouble finding one.

Annndddd a sigh of relief 🙂

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2 Responses to It’s a new post! (but not here!)

  1. Holding the wind? Where did that come from? Sounds like you had beans for dinner.

    I’m actually glad you got a negative comment today. It’s a sign that you pushed people out of the comfort zone. This is good. It means you took a risk. Also good.

    You handled the comment really well, too. A proud day for Papa Bear

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