Board of Directors- Take Two

So I am in the final stretch of my internship. After going through Annual Giving, Donor Relations and Event Services, Special Projects, Prospect Research, and Fund Raising School, I am finally at my “unit”- Athletics. It’s awesome 🙂

I’ve been mainly working with Event Services and Donor Relations and the past week was a big week for us. We had our Board of Directors meetings.

This was my second take with Board of Directors meetings, since I was at my foundation during their Board of Directors meeting in June.

This time around I was much more on the planning side of things and really helped with implementing the events.

On Thursday we had a casual reception,

Our centerpieces for the event. Cute right?

On Friday we had our campaign celebration dinner where we celebrated the end of the capitol campaign.

See those posters? I rolled all 150 of them....

For more information and photos from Friday’s celebration, go here

On Saturday I was able to attend the full board meeting (which is where I got to bring out the suit!). It, as all of my experiences with my internship this summer, was an amazing opportunity. I didn’t get to sit in the full board meeting in June because it was closed door, so being able to see the board vote on really influential decisions for the department was so great! I felt that I was part of something greater!

Another opportunity I feel fortunate for from my internship!

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