I’m a professional cook and I got the photos to prove it!

Okay so I might not be a professional but the photos sure make my food look like I am!! I would say, I’m getting better. I might have even fooled a few people.

This last weekend my friend Brandon hosted a housewarming party at his lovely new place. I thought it was the appropriate time to indulge and make some of the recipes that I have been dying to make!

And yes, I said “some,” as in multiple recipes. Not one or two… but three 🙂

I would personally like to thank Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman, who makes me want to live on a ranch, be an amazing cook and dip everything in butter

Did I mention Brandon is a fabulous photographer/photoshop genius? I think we both felt pretty accomplished after getting these “food art” shots.

First up- Chocolate Covered Macaroons

This is not from the website! These are MY macaroons!

Not only did I make these for Brandon’s party, I brought some to a recital reception the next day, and plan to bake more for a celebration this weekend! My favorite quote was “I don’t even like coconut and I like these!”

Second- Mushrooms Stuffed with Brie

I decided to make these because I had leftover brie from a meal earlier in the week. (That’s right, not american, cheddar, or whiz but brie in my fridge!) These were Brandon’s favorite and they went like hot cakes! (but were better than hot cakes, because they were mushrooms… stuffed with brie)

Finally and my favorite- Raspberry Cream Pie

My pie makes me so happy!

Maybe this was my favorite because it was the easiest, or maybe it was my favorite because it was delicious!!! Seriously so refreshing (and disguising unhealthy… probably has something to do with the Oreo crust and full cup of whipping cream!!) I could have eaten that whole thing… but then would have passed out!

It was truly a great party!

See! I did pretty good right? It’s like I played dress up as a real adult for an evening. Thanks again to Brandon for the photos!

That's my boy!

But anywho- that was one of my weekend adventures! My other weekend adventure where I really dressed up like an adult (SUIT!) up next…

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