A New Outdoor Adventure… Oh Boy….

Although grilling wasn’t on my IU Bucket List, it was definitely a new accomplishments- 

With some of my friends moving out of town, I inherited a few items- including a grill! 

I decided to start modestly and go with hot dogs. 

All beef franks... duh.


Too bad two of the grill’s legs were held together by bricks and totally lopsided! 

It's not your vision....it's totally crooked.


I had to strategically place the hot dogs on the grill so they wouldn’t roll off but I did it! They were totally edible! Next time maybe hamburgers. I don’t think they roll as badly 🙂 

And yes. That is a much nicer looking grill in the background. Too bad it has never worked and is now home to our neighbors, The Hornets. 

More to come soon!

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1 Response to A New Outdoor Adventure… Oh Boy….

  1. Kathy Tennant says:

    Two words: FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!

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