#16- Check!

This is the first of hopefully many times I check off a task from my IU Bucket List

#16. Connect with a professor outside the classroom

Yesterday I met with Professor Bright from the journalism school. This guy is wonderful!

I have always wanted to have Professor Bright as a teacher in class but I was saddened to hear that he was not returning in the fall. If I was unable to meet with him in the classroom, I wanted to make it a goal to meet with him before he left. So I did.

We met at Starbucks and he gave me so much insight on Public Relations, his experiences, as well as experiences from his previous students. It was so enlightening! And boy does this guy know people! He has 6,500 contacts in his rolodex!

Professor Bright really inspired me and got me pumped for my future career!

One down…. a full bucket list to go… Thanks Professor Bright!

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