I’m a Fundraiser. (Seriously)

So last week I went back to school. Not college, but fundraising school. And yes. That is a real thing.

As the highlight of our development internship, the other interns and I got to go to Fund Raising School at the Center on Philanthropy at IUPUI in Indianapolis for free (and normally it costs a ton!). People come from all over the world to spend a week in a classroom learning the details of fundraising from trained and licensed professionals.

While I didn’t know exactly how I would feel about it initially, considering I have no fundraising background and right now I am just an hourly, I ended up falling in love.

It was SUCH a great learning experience! It actually got me really excited to be a fundraiser! There are so many techniques, skills, and personalities involved! It really is a craft and I feel honored that I got the opportunity to hone it. 🙂

One of the coolest parts is that I was in a room with a bunch of fundraising professionals. The first day was a bit intimidating but once we all stood up, introduced ourselves, and told the extent of our fundraising experience, I realized the majority of people in the room have had about as much experience as me! I was actually lucky too, being taught and guided along the way, while many of the other professionals have been on their own.

So for the first time, I was in a room full of professionals, and I was an equal. People looked at me straight on instead of looking down at me, my opinions were respected and my points were valid.

There were a few in the class that seemed to disregard us and a few of the other young professionals in the room because of our age. I got a comment once of, “I get you all confused!” referring to all the young women in the room. I wanted to refute back with, “Well, I get YOU all confused!”, referring to all the middle agers in the room.

But I bit my tongue and continued to learn 🙂

I even got a certificate. So that means it’s real. I’m a real fundraiser!


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