This, That, Tissues, and Toy Story 3.

So I haven’t written in over a week. The biggest reason being that I don’t feel like I have had much to write about. My job is kinda at a boring halt. I am in research for four weeks. This means I am researching donors… for four weeks. So in terms of new and exciting internship news… there isn’t much. It is interesting to find out how researchers find out information about prospective donors (there is so much on the internet!) but it isn’t interesting to regurgitate that knowledge onto a blog.

Beyond that… life has had it’s ups and downs…. per usual. All of which I am trying to take something out of.

My girls and I at Taste of Chicago

I went to Chicago last weekend for the first time as a non-tourist and to celebrate the 4th. I visited friends, went to Chicagolander activities, and got to really celebrate the summer (something I had been really craving to do). It was a wonderful weekend and I loved the freedoms of taking a trip as my own grown-up self. I got to decide how my days and nights were going to be used (nights mostly at bars… a first!) I did have a little help from my Chicago friends though 🙂 Afterwards I could actually see Chicago as a possible after school city! (Stay in the Midwest!?!?! How dare I!) I absolutely loved it.

Beyond my super exciting trip to Chicago and my super monotonous internship rotation, I feel the biggest part of my life recently has dealt with being brave.

Bravery has become a reoccurring theme in my life in the past few weeks and it has been interesting to figure out how I respond to it. Am I brave or do I act brave? Are you brave when you are doing what’s right for you or for someone else? In what situations am I brave and what situations am I not?

What qualifies bravery?

That is the big question. What is more a factor of bravery- your head or your heart?

True Friends 🙂

I saw Toy Story 3 and I loved every minute of it. I also sobbed for the last twenty.

It is such an endearing tale of friendship, care, and doing what’s right. I don’t want to spoil it for the 1 person that reads this that hasn’t seen the movie but, the choice that Woody makes at the end of the movie… bravery. The way in which Andy acts at the end of the movie… bravery.

And. I. Bawled. Like. A. Baby.

I want that. I want that passion for something that inspires you to act with such bravery. That’s what Woody and Andy both had.

I realize that comparing my life to an animated movie seems kind of silly, especially when it is an animated movie about toys that are alive. But lets be real… (pardon my french) Toy Story is the shit.

Maybe in my next blog I will compare my life to the Star Wars Anthology as I try to figure out how to “use the force” in my own life.

I have decided this is the most sporadic mix of ideas blogged to date. BUT- when you are sitting at a cubicle in a basement for four week… I don’t have much else to say.

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