Lauren, what the heck are you doing this summer?

Me hanging out at the office on a regular day.

So I guess it would make sense to actually explain my biggest summer adventure in adulthood finally.

This summer I am working at the “foundation”, which is the fundraising arm of my university. There, I am learning all about development and fundraising for an educational institution. This is my third internship position I have held and it is the most out-in-left-field experience I have had yet.

I want to do event planning. My last 2 internships have dealt with event planning. This internship is not specifically focused on event planning. My thoughts behind this internship were that many non-profit organizations often put together development and special events in the same area. The two focuses often times go hand in hand, and I was right.

Me going to work before caffeine.

With the “foundation”, there is a special events department as well as special projects, both work with events that occur because of or for the “foundation”. My time spent in both of these areas is not huge but it is definitely beneficial.

The cool thing about my internship this summer is that it has a fixed rotation schedulebetween me and the other three interns. Every week or two weeks we rotate to the different areas of the “foundation” to learn about what each area does. While every rotation doesn’t always lead to a conducive work environment and sometimes it is more show don’t touch, it is giving me a good overall view of fundraising and development which I had NONE of before!

At the end of all of our rotations, each intern goes to fundraising school and then uses what we have learned in specific units on campus. I get to work with athletics. I am SO excited about working with that team and should have some good stories to tell.

Me taking all my work home for the evening!

So far I have had some pretty interesting experiences, some of which I hope to document more in the future. I have worked a telefund (talk about confidence builder!), had meetings with the First Lady of the University, and sat in on women’s philanthropy meeting with some of our largest donors.

One of the biggest perks of this internship, its paid 🙂 and that sure helps with the bills!

While it is SO unbelievably tough to be at a desk from 9-5 everyday while my friends are out basking in the glorious summer sun, this is a great add to my resume and a great learning experience.

Next week is our board of directors meetings which means huge opportunity to schmooze, network, and pull out the power suit 🙂 Stay tuned…

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  1. Very creative and cute! Cute is what we aim for.

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