Why to write a blog

My dad and I got in a “discussion” today about why I am writing a blog and how blogs can market yourself to potential employers. My dad is right. Blogs are very useful tools to jump-start your career and get you networking in the social media system.

But there is another reason to write a blog: Self expression.

I enjoy writing. I enjoy being able to document my life in a fun multimedia way.

When I was younger, instead of having a diary I would briefly and in very small handwriting, write what happened every day of the week on the day’s block on a calendar. It was unique and different compared to the diaries and journals my friends had and that is why I kept up with it. I liked doing it my way.

So that is all I am doing now. Expressing myself in my own fashion.

I do believe some of the things I say will be worthwhile. I do hope that someday this blog will be able to include more work related entries (when I have a full-time job!!). But right now, what I have got is what I’ve got and I like it.  Some people blog about their babies, some people blog about their travels, I’m blogging about growing up. Growing up is the one thing I feel like I am knowledgable enough to write about.

For now, I hope that anyone who sees this blog, maybe even potential employers, understand and respect what this blog is for. I could write a blog about business and or a blog about one topic like “event planning in an economic era” or something, but that’s not me. And right now, that is what I need to focus on: myself.

So all 5 of you (Hi Mom!) that might read my blog once in a blue moon, understand and enjoy it for what it is. I do.

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2 Responses to Why to write a blog

  1. Kathy Tennant says:

    Yes, m’am! Got it…. and it does remind of the calendar thing. I just thought about that the other day!

  2. You are correct madam.

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