I don’t have a taco truck but it ain’t bad!

Taco night! Homemade guac included!

Another successful meal! Taco night!

I was super proud of this meal… I took what I had in my fridge and just put stuff together! The only thing I bought was avocado and mango (on my lunch break after dropping off my dry cleaning… ugh. So grown-up its gross.)

I sauteed green peppers and onions, made my own guacamole, AND cooked meat! That’s nuts! Until two weeks ago I was petrified to cook meat; it didn’t lead to very good meals.

While some might scoff at tacos, you don’t understand. I just stopped living out of a box. Multiple boxes- Lean Cuisine, Hot Pockets, Instant Mac N’ Cheese, etc…

The only disappointment was the mango. I wanted to have a side of mango with my tacos and it got a little crazy. I had to call in reinforcements in the form of a roommate. Before my next meal I should probably read a how-to about cutting mangos.

But overall- YUM!!!

And now I know: How to cut a mango

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