The reason I hadn’t written


So the wedding day came! I planned my first wedding!!

Was it exhausting? Yes. Was it nerve racking? A bit. Did I love it? Yes. Was it successful? Absolutely.

The planning process started with a 9 page event planning document. A bit excessive but I sure felt prepared.

Friday we started with the ceremony rehearsal. It was raining and the ceremony was outdoors, so that was the first challenge. We did the rehearsal indoors but since I had never been on the grounds before, it was hard to visualize everything beforehand. There were a few venue staff on site to help me out and I think we handled it.

When the bridal party walked in, they immediately asked me about my experience, seeing that I look young. I slyly brushed it off, just saying I have experience not mentioning the part that I am still a student or that I have never actually planned a wedding on my own! It all went smoothly though and the bridal party was confident in me and themselves.

Saturday started early at 8AM out on site. We decorated the site with tulle (it actually looked great) and then we had a little lull until 11:30 when the vendors came… and then it was go time. I met with photographers, florists, set up the rest of the reception site, prepped the ceremony site, made sure the wait staff knew their jobs, made sure the bridal party was happy, made a boutonniere (they were one short- a pretty amazing task if I do say so!), got the flower girls to befriend me, got the entire bridal party to enter (and exit) in the right order (including flower girls!), got the bride to the ceremony and got them hitched!! All with confidence. After the ceremony, we took photos, we introduced the bridal party and then it was party time. We did the dances, we cut the cake, we served the buffet- it was great. The bridal party could not be happier… and they never knew it was my first time.

At the end of the evening, wecleaned up and broke down and the bridal party jumped into the swimming pool… not kidding- gowns and all. It was great.  By the end of the evening I don’t think I have ever been much more exhausted but I worked it out. I felt liberated having done my job, knowing they couldn’t have done it without me. I do have notes for the future of course. I wasn’t perfect- but I was good and I got one under my belt now 🙂

Below are a few of my crappy photos from the day- professional pics to hopefully come soon!

The boutonniere I made!

My emergency kit that came in handy!

The detail I added to both Moms' seats

The ceremony in progress

The reception site

A centerpiece

A night well ended 🙂

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