Take one…

Well… I said I would never have a blog… now I do.

I also said I would never grow up… but that’s changing too.

Going into my senior year of college (SO weird to say!) A ton is changing in my life and it is all very new and exciting. So I thought it might actually be nice to document a bit of it. So while I document it, I might as well learn something new and add a new skill to my resume (cause that is what it is ALL about these days!)

So I am now a blogger.

While I would love my blog to be a viable site to promote myself to future employers, possible clients, etc., I think first I should just get the hang of this. Maybe if I just write whatever I want, I will actually stick with this.

So if you are a possible future employer or what-not, I guess you can read this if you want. But for now, as I begin a super important chapter in my life, this is just for me and whoever else cares enough to read about me. This next chapter in my life is going to be wild- might as well try to be document it.

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