Goodnight Bloomington. Goodnight Blog.

So my house is practically empty. I’m getting ready for the big move tomorrow. I’ve sold all my belongings  (including my car- one of the saddest moments of my life), packed the rest up, and am ready to go…sort of. I can’t believe how fast the last four years and especially this last year has flown by. Looking back on all of these blog posts is crazy. I’m so proud of all that I did and documented!

And with this next chapter- I’ve planned all I can. At this point, I need to let go and just see what happens. This next chapter will be an exciting one.

For that reason, I’m ending this blog. It has served its purpose- allowing me to write all the happenings of this crazy changing year. I’m proud of the purpose it served and now it is time to close the book.

So this 80th post, will be my last. I am off to a new life and a new blog.

The biggest element of this blog, The IU Bucket List is complete. I’m pretty proud of that too. (Search IU Bucket list and search results 1,2,3, and at least 5 more in the top 20 will be my blog). While I didn’t complete #35, #64, or #65 because of building renovations and lack of time, I found plenty of things to do that are not on the Bucket List that compensated.

So with a list of 66 tasks complete, a diploma in my bag, and an anxious feeling in my stomach, I’m ready for the next chapter. I can’t say I’m not sad. I’m going to miss Bloomington, my life here, college, my friends, and the comfort I have found in this small town. But I’m going onto this new chapter with confidence knowing that if I can handle all that has been thrown at me the last four years, I can handle anything.

It’s been real college. I’ve loved every moment.

Now lets rock this:

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#6- Check!

So the most daunting task on The IU Bucket List was checked off yesterday,

#59 Stay at Kilroy’s- Open to Close 

Open to Close means staying at Kilroy’s, one of IUs most popular bars from open (11AM) to close (3AM). Can you do the math? I can’t. But someone told me that is 16 hours.

If you accomplish the challenging task, you get your photo on the wall, a t-shirt, and a ton of pride.

We counted off:

  1. Me
  2. Kerry Ipema
  3. Kevin Smith
  4. Anna Blankenburger
  5. Matt Martin
  6. Chris Lee
  7. Leo Martinez

Perfect combo. We ROCKED open to close. We played Scattegories, Boom, Catch Phrase, Eukere (not a fan) and Spades. We sun bathed (Anna in a bathing suit). We read, chatted, ate, drank, tallied our drinks, tweeted (#open2close) and danced. Most importantly, we video blogged. Every hour, one member of the team shared their secrets. (to be continued considering I packed my camera cord!)

With the help of our wonderful friends who came to visit- we powered through and achieved Kilroy’s glory. SUCCESS.

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Bucket List Update

So less than one week to go in Bloomington and I realized that there were some items on my IU Bucket List I had yet to write about. I think I avoided these items because they are not enjoyable stories to tell. So in brief, here they are:

#18. Attend an African American Art Institute Event 

Okay so this one I technically didn’t do. They are not the best at advertising exhibits. But I did go to an African drumming class final performance! That was definitely art. Just sans American. It was through the folklore department and was AWESOME. I think the goal of this list item was to experience other arts and culture and considering folklore wasn’t on my list, I’ll say I did this one.

# 32 Win a game of corn hole (this will never happen…) 

This actually did happen! But it was while I was at home and my opponent was a nine-year-old who had never played. Win!

#45 Shake your groove thing at Dance Marathon 

 Full Frontal performed our worst show of all time at this year’s Dance Marathon. The only good thing that came out of the performance was the ability to check this off the bucket list. There is a picture somewhere proving that I was at Dance Marathon and I did dance for a brief moment.

 #54 Do an Ironman 

This one I have actually avoided writing about for over 6 months. It was the worst. Stupid idea. Not appropriate for blogging. 22nd birthday. It happened okay?

Oh and for anyone that didn’t know- an Ironman is the 3 strongest drinks in Bloomington in one night. Let’s just say, pacing is key and this task is deathly when combined with dancing.

So there they are! The biggest of the Bucket List items is to come on Monday! Stay tuned!

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The cops have my number and I have my diploma

I finally received notice that my diploma was ready to be picked up. Yep. Like a prescription or dry cleaning or a child from daycare. Where is the pomp and circumstance? I was quite saddened about how anti-climatic my closing moment with IU would be.

Until a kid got pushed out of a car in a drug bust gone bad and got his leg run over.


Middle of Bloomington. Middle of Kirkwood. Middle of lunch hour. I was walking towards Franklin Hall when I heard yelling and turned around in time to see a kid get dragged by a car, fall to the ground, get his leg run over and then the truck skid away.

In shock, I forgot how to move my legs. But once I realized this was serious and not some weird Jackass prank called something like “Rock legs” or “cement skiing” I immediately ran over to the kid, as did 3 other guys.

The kid was freaked out and busted up. I called the cops, gave them the description and location and it was actually amazing how fast they got there. After that, I just did what I could- got water, gave my details, cringed when the kid screamed, made really terrible jokes to the other witnesses like, ” good day to wear long pants!” or “well, at least you got out of the group project! eh?! (punch in the arm).” I should have stopped after the sympathy pains.

Once it all got sorted out, the female cop decided to walk me through the different emotional levels of trauma, just to make sure I wouldn’t try to get my own leg run over or something. I think right now I’m angst. Or tenacity.

And then, I got my diploma. And then, I told the lady in the registrars office what happened.

And thus concluded my college experience.

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The moment has arrived!!

It is official. I HAVE A JOB!

All the hard work of my last year, last semester, and the last 2 months have finally paid off. I am the new Event Coordinator for Columbia Law School.

Wait? What? Columbia Law School? Lauren- where is that located?

It is official. I’M MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY!

I’m getting rid of every belonging I have, turning down a job on a cruise ship (yes, they asked me,) and moving to New York City- a city until a few month ago, I never considered.

This whole experience has been a complete whirlwind. I’m still pinching myself. I’m going to be an event coordinator. Events. Coordinating events. It is what I have wanted for the last four years!!

And you know what? I’m proud of myself. I feel like I don’t often say that because there is always something else to achieve, something else to reach for. But this time. I’m really proud. Overwhelming proud. And relieved.

I got this job on sheer experience and a little creativity. I didn’t know anyone at Columbia. I had no connections. I just knew how to figure out a specific person’s email address.  And that is why I am proud. The work that I have done for the past four years, actually paid off. It wasn’t my ability to shmooze or know people in high places, it was my actual skill, my four internships, time spent working multiple jobs and creating experiences for myself when there weren’t any in my major, that got me this job it. And I’m proud.

Okay– enough of tooting my horn.

Along with being proud, I’m completely terrified. I’m moving to a city I am completely unfamiliar with. I’m selling every possession I own. I’m selling my car. I will have bills to pay. I will have a salary (that I will have to budget on). I have to find an apartment. I’m abandoning everything I know for a complete change of pace.

But, I did it four years ago and I think I got along fine. So I’m going to do it again. This time- I’m older, wiser, and just as excited. So New York- Bring. It. On.

For now, I’ve got two more weeks in Bloomington. Things must be done. Bucket lists tasks must be checked off. To be continued…

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Grown-Up Adventures Part II

So as seen from the last post, life has been a bit of an adventure recently. And the adventure has just continued! This last month may or may not have been the busiest, craziest, most stressful and exhausting month of my life, which is hard to believe seeing that I just went through 4 years of undergrad, but it is true!

It has been so busy that I have yet to upload any pictures or really even catch up on sleep. So my apologies on lack of images. Seeing that I haven’t written though, I thought I would post this past month’s schedule. It is hilarious.

From last week of May- last week of June I have been:

Bloomington to Knoxville to Nashville to Indianapolis to Las Vegas to Bloomington to San Antonio to Bloomington to  New York City to New Jersey to Indianapolis then finally to San Francisco! (Of course with the occasional flight layover in between.)

This last leg of the trip has been especially crazy! I arrived back in Bloomington at 5AM on Saturday from San Antonio and then drove back to the airport at 4AM on Sunday to go to New York! Less than 24 hours! In New York I had 3 interviews, lots of walking, a visit with dad and even had my first hostel experience (a very positive one as well!)

When flying back from New York, I arrived back in Indianapolis at 2:00AM, went to my car in the parking lot, switched out my pre-packed suitcase for San Francisco, got back on the shuttle to the airport, spent an hour sleep/hulu-ing, and got back on the same plane to head to San Francisco at 4:30AM! Thank goodness I am a good plane sleeper, cause I wasn’t sleeping much anywhere else!

This whole experience though has been absolutely eye-opening and wonderful! I feel like I have grown through the whole process and can’t wait to see what life leads me to next!

And if nothing else, I sure know how to pack a suitcase now!

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Grown-up Adventures

So I haven’t written in far too long a period of time. My absence though is due to the presence of grown-up adventures in my life!

For the last two weeks I’ve been living out of a suitcase (or 2 or 3 or 4) making visits at home, at weddings, and going on my first business trip!

My dear FHS friends

First, I went home. Always good. Always.  This trip especially was great because my time spent at home was a bit longer than usual. Which was good considering I don’t know the next time I will be back.  There are no more spring breaks, holiday breaks, or summer breaks so who knows now how I will be able to organize my schedule to make it home. Weird weird weird.

Second, the weddings.

Mr. and Mrs. Hyman

Mr. and Mrs. Dryden

Talk about crazy weird. The fact that my friends are at the appropriate age to get married without words like “shotgun” or “baby daddy” attached is astounding. But oh my were they beautiful. And lovely. And wonderful. And emotional. There was so much love at both weddings and I was so proud of my friends. It was a surreal moment to be at a weddings surrounded by high school friends that I have known so long  but it was also one of the most wonderful feelings ever. And my friends make gorgeous brides.

The Bellagio

Finally, the business trip. This last week I had the privilege to work as on-site staff for my current internship at one of the summer events. Lucky for me, this event happened to be in Las Vegas. Not to bad of a first business trip right? It was such a great experience for me! Having prepped all of these events in the office for the last year, it felt so good to actually see on of these events come to life. And I learned things too that I can take back to the office to better future events- which is always nice. And I gambled. And ate. And drank. And relaxed by the pool. And just loved Vegas. It was an amazing experience all around.

So after this whirlwind two weeks, I was actually sad to come back to Bloomington for the first time ever. The last two weeks have shown me a little bit of grown-up life and heading back to Bloomington felt that I was stepping back into the facade of college. While I’ve been hesitant to move on, not sure if I was ready to be an adult, after the past two weeks and my taste of adulthood, I am very sure I am ready.

If only every day of adulthood could be in Vegas though…

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#56- Check!

This week I accomplished my most anticipated tasks off The IU Bucket List,

#56 Go to the Quarries 

For me, this task was the most anticipated because it is the only task that is technically illegal. I guess we were trespassing… or something like that…

I also had no idea where the Quarries were.

But with an informed friend, a good hunch, and a great group of friends, I embarked and together we found them! What was weird was- it was the most natural looking, man-made thing ever.

It was an amazing little find and like our own little secret. I mean, I know that thousands of people have been there before us, but no one was there that day- sooooo it was ours.

The afternoon was an amazing little break with some great people. In the end, we all felt very tan and accomplished.

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#35- Check!

So the last pre-grad tasks from The IU Bucket List, (but not the last task yet!) is,

#35 Study in the Arboretum 

I pulled out my slides, looked over my exam prep, but it was just too pretty to study!

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LISTen to this.

  1. I’m a huge fan of Ragan’s PR Daily.
  2. I read it every day.
  3. Recently I’ve noticed that every article featured on this insightful page has the same format.
  4. Either numbered
  • or bulleted
In general,  these authors are making lists. 
I can’t stand them anymore. To me, it seems that this has become the norm for PR specialists because our society has adapted to having everything at our fingertips, we can’t stand to read more than a few snappy sentences to get what we are looking for.
Also, I believe PR professionals have become lazy. We are writers for goodness sake. There must be a way to format snappy information beyond bullets and numbering. I mean, what happened to the inverted pyramid?
I’m not saying this is just happening with Ragan or just with PR. This seems to be the trend with blogs of all types. But with PR, we should be smarter that this.
I’m sick of “How-To ____”, “Top 10 ___”, and “5 things that will ____.”                            
Instead, I would love to see some straight up advice. Maybe some case studies? So come on PR professionals, let’s get creative and write, not list.  
Has anyone else seen this trend? 
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